Primary Election Date for Illinois State Senate is quickly approaching. Vote Democratic Candidate for Senate Christopher Belt

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March 20, 2018 is quickly approaching. March 20, 2018 is the date of the primary election. It is VERY important that each of you vote during this time. If anyone in the 57th District needs assistance in becoming a registered voter, please contact me via email as soon as possible and one of my team members will assist you in becoming registered. The following map illustrates all of the communities that are a part of the 57th District. If your previous ballot included James Clayborne as a Senate Candidate, then you are a part of the 57th District. If you are registered to vote in the 57th District but are away for college or participation in the Armed Services, you can still vote while you are away. If you fit into the category of a college student or Armed Servicemen and need assistance with voting, please email me for assistance. Your vote is important. Please exercise your right and allow your voices to be heard on March 20, 2018. Get out and vote!!